2015 Norfolk Summer School Games Finals – Day 2 Report


Day 2 of the Norfolk Summer School Games Finals moved on to the beautiful surroundings of the Whitlingham Country Park on the edge of Norwich. The sun also made its first appearance of the Finals to make the setting even better for the Yr 5-6 Cycling and Sailing Finals.

Yr 5-6 Cycling Finals

The Cycling event saw over 100 of the most promosing young cyclists from across the County putting their skills to the test. All of the pupils taking part had qualified to represent their School Sport Partnership (SSP) at the Finals by taking part in local qualifying events. Cyclists had qualified in teams of 4 boys/girls.

The competition challenged the pupils to test their all round cycling skills by taking part in three seperate events;

  • Zig zag sprint
  • Timed slalom
  • Endurance race

Pupils were awarded points dependant on their results in each of the three events.

The zig zag slalom saw pupils competing against competitors from other SSPs in a knockout format. The winner was the rider to sprint as fast as possible along a zig zag course and across the finishing line before the other 3 riders in the race. In each race the riders that finishes 1st or 2nd proceeded to the next round with those finishing in 3rd or 4th being eliminated. This event pupils ability to sprint, ride in a group alongside others and corner at speed.

The timed slalom required riders to navigate down a tight slalom course in as quick time as possible without missing any of the marker poles. Pupils times to compete the course were compared with the fastest time being named the wimmer. This event tested pupils ability to control their bike using their brakes, perform tight corners, carry speed through corners and sprint.

The final event of the day was the endurance race which pupils took part in as pairs. A seperate race was held for boys and girls with pairs having to complete 4 laps of a challenging endurance course around the country park. Each rider was required to complete a lap of teh course before dismounting from their bike and handing it over to their parter who had to mount their bike and complete their own lap of the course. This was repeated again with each rider completing two laps with the first pair to complete all four laps and crossing the line being the winners.

The scores of each of teh 4 boys/girls in each team were added together at the end to give each team an overall total. The headline results were;


1st – West Norfolk SSP (49 pts)

2nd – West Norwich and Dereham SSP (84 pts)

3rd – East Norfolk SSP (102 pts)


1st – East Norfolk SSP (73 pts)

2nd – West Norfolk SSP (74 pts)

3rd – West Norwich and Dereham SSP (95 pts)

Certificates were presented to all of the pupils that took part in the competition with medals also being awarded to the teams that finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the boys and girls events. A trophy was also presented to the combined boys and girls SSP team with the best overall combined score from its boys and girls teams. The trophy was presented to the pupils from the West Norfolk SSP.


1st – West Norfolk SSP (123 pts)

2nd – East Norfolk SSP (175 pts)

3rd – West Norwich and Dereham SSP (179 pts)

For a full breakdown of results inc results for each events please click here. You can also view and purchase photos of the event by visiting our Photo & Video Gallery.


Yr 5-6 Sailing Finals

The Sailing Finals were held at the Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre and also benefitted from the summery conditions. Whilst the conditions were not overly blustery, they still provided enough wind to make the racing exciting.

All of the pupils that took part in the Finals had already undertaking a basic Learn to Sail course to ensure that they had sufficient skill levels to safely compete in the competition against pupils from other SSPs. The event required pupils to sail a combination of single hander (individual race) and double hander (pairs race) boats. In all races teams raced around a regatta course (simplified ‘olympic trapezoid’ course) with points awarded as they cross the finishing line, with the first dinghy to finish gaining the most points. All 4 competitors competed in both single hander and double hander class with points be combined from all races to select the winning team. The overall results were;

1st – Norwich East SSP

2nd – West Norwich and Dereham SSP

3rd – East Norfolk SSP

To view the full breakdown of results please click here. You can also view the photographs taken of the event by visiting the Photo & Video gallery.

Day 3 of the Finals will be split between the fishing lakes of Barford and the 5 a side football pitches of the Football Development Centre (FDC) in Bowthorpe, Norwich.