Day 6 – A smashing performance by all at Y3-4 Mixed Mini Tennis Finals

Friday saw 128 big hitting mini tennis players competing in an event which enabled every player to play 5 matches throughout the day.

32 teams had qualified through Ssp Level 2 events earlier in the year and several schools had 2 teams into the finals.

The draw enabled teams to progress forward in the draw and also continued to provide matchplay opportunities for teams who might lose matches.

In total 300 matches were played with each rubber consisting of the 4 team members playing against there opposite number number in the opposing team.

Richard Bloomfield, ex Davis Cup and 5x Wimbledon player was on hand to watch some of the exciting talent on show. After presenting the awards Richard said ” This was a great event, you could see the children concentrating so hard but enjoying themselves at the same time. It would be great to see this many children enjoying competition on a more regular basis.”

For final standings please see below.

Mini Tennis Finals Results