Summer Games Finals 17/18

DateEventsVenueMore info
Thursday 14th JuneSpecial Schools FestivalSportspark, Norwich Halls 1-3 (tack and astro)
Monday 18th JuneMini Tennis Yr 3&4

Hi 5 Netball Yr 5&6

Small Schools Hi 5 Netball Yr 4,5&6

Sportspark, Halls 1-5

Sportspark/City Academy Norwich

Mini Tennis Rules

Tennis Event Information
Tennis Timetable

Tennis Risk Assessment

Tennis Photo Registration Form

Small Schools Netball Rules

Large Schools Netball Rules

High 5 Netball Event Information
High 5 Netball Timetable

High 5 Netball Risk Assessment

Netball Photo Registration Form

Tuesday 19th JunePanathlon

Mixed Kwik Cricket Yr 5&6

Angling Yr 7-13

Tri Golf Yr 1-4

Sportspark, Halls 1-3

Horsford CC, Whole Venue

Barford, Whole Venue

NFGC, Whole Venue

Panathlon Rules

Panathlon Risk Assessment

Panathlon Registration Form

Mixed Kwik Cricket Rules

Mixed Kwik Cricket Event Information

Mixed Kwik Cricket Timetable

Mixed Kwik Cricket Risk Assessment

Mixed Kwik Cricket Photo Registration Form

Angling Rules

Angling Event Information
Angling Risk Assessment

Angling Timetable

Angling Photo Registration Form

Tri Golf Yr1/2 Rules

Tri Golf Yr3/4 Rules

Tri Golf Event Information
Tri Golf Risk Assessment

Tri Golf Timetable

Tri Golf Photo Registration Form

Wednesday 20th JunePrimary Athletics Yr 3-6

Sportspark, Norwich TrackYr3/4 Rules

Yr5/6 Rules

Event Information

Risk Assessment

Photo Registration

Thursday 21st JuneSecondary Athletics Yr 7-10

Sportspark, Norwich TrackSecondary Athletics Standardisation

Event Information
Risk Assessment

Photo Registration Form

Timetable of Events

Friday 22nd JuneSpecial Schools Games

Girls Kwik Cricket Yr 5&6

Secondary Alternative Sports Day

Sportspark, Norwich Halls 1-5, Track and Astros

Whole Venue

Halls 1-5, Track and Astros

Girls Cricket Rules

Girls Kwik Cricket Information
Girls Kwik Cricket Risk Assessment

Girls Kwik Cricket Timetable

Girls Kwik Cricket Photo Registration

Secondary Alternative Sports Day Rules

Alternative Day Photo Registration Form

Which sports are included?

For 2017/18 the following sports are included in the Games;

Winter GamesSummer Games
Small Schools SportshallPanathlon
Cross CountryTri Golf
Special School GamesHi 5 Netball
Primary Sportshall AthleticsMixed Kwik Cricket and Girls Kwik Cricket
Key Steps GymnasticsPrimary and Secondary Athletics
Kwik Cricket FestivalMini Tennis
Panathlon-Multi Sport CompetitionSpecial School Games
Secondary Alternative DayAngling
Girls FootballSpecial Schools Festival
Small Schools Hi 5 Netball
Secondary Alternative Sports Day

Local Qualifying Competitions

For each sport local qualifying competitions are held within each of the eight School Sport Partnerships (SSPs) in the county. Schools within each SSP compete against other local schools to give as many of their pupils the chance to take part in competitive school sport as possible. The winning pupils/teams within each competition are invited to represent the SSP in the county finals.

For information about local qualifying competitions please visit your local SSP’s website.

County Finals

Winter Games Finals 17/18

DateEventsVenueMore info
Monday 26th FebruaryKeysteps Gymnastics Yr 1&2

Small Schools Sportshall Yr 4,5&6

Primary Sportshall Athletics Yr 3-4

Primary Sportshall Athletics Yr 5-6

Panathlon Multi Sport Competition Yr 7-9

Sportspark Spring Centre, Norwich

Halls 1-3

Halls 4-5

Keysteps Gymnastics

Small Schools Sportshall

Primary Sportshall Athletics Yr 3-4

Primary Sportshall Athletics Yr 5-6


Wednesday 28th FebruaryPrimary Cross Country Yr 3-6Holkham HallCross Country
Thursday 1st MarchSpecial Schools Games

Secondary Alternative Day Yr 7-9

Girls Football Yr 3-6

Sportspark Halls 1-3

Kaset, Whole Venue

Goals, All Pitches

Alternative Day

Girls Football

Friday 2nd MarchKwik Cricket Festival Yr 1-2

Secondary Alternative Day Yr 7-9

Sportspark Halls 1-3

Kaset, Whole Venue

Kwik Cricket Festival

Alternative Day

Photography/Videography Policy

We aim to ensure that all pupils taking part in the Games are kept safe at all time. Please follow the link to read our photography/videography policy.