Norfolk Sports Leadership Pathway

As part of the county wide Norfolk School Games programme we have developed an exciting pathway of sports leadership opportunities for pupils in Years 1-11. 

The objective is to use sports leadership opportunities which improve personal development for young people. This, in turn, will provide key skills and opportunities to help prepare them for later life.

Read more below to find out more about the Leadership Pathway and how your pupils can get involved at all stages.





Football instructors teaching a group of under 10's football on a pitch in the North East of England. They are talking to the children, coaching them while they stand in a line.

The Journey

Click on the year group below to see each stage of the leadership journey and how it can benefit pupils.


Learning To Lead:

The journey starts in Years 1 & 2, where students explore basic skills and behaviour in our ‘Mini Leaders’ sessions. During this, they will learn to lead as a whole class.

Leading Participation:

Following this, in Years 3 & 4, pupils will become ‘Play Leaders’, where they will be encouraged to organise games and support social development during break times. 

Leading Change:

In years 5 & 6, students will begin to get the chance to lead at SSP events, and have a go at reporting, team management and motivating. Local opportunities will be signposted at this time as they are encouraged to join local clubs.

SSP Leadership Academy:

The SSP Leadership Academy is offered to years 7 and above to support the personal development of young leaders.

Girls Active:

The Girls Active programme develops girls’ leadership skills to improve PESSPA outcomes. Wellbeing mentors will also receive training in developing strategies to improve mental wellbeing.

Careers Conference:

Finally, at the end of KS4, there will be a careers conference to provide opportunity for students to learn more about the potential career pathways they can explore.

For more information

To find out more about each stage of the programme, follow the links below for more information.

Activity Year Group(s) Description Find out more
Learning to Lead Years 1-2 Free training for KS1 Leadership delivery. This will include all resources you need to deliver a High Quality Leadership programme direct to your students. Watch the KS1 Webinar Download the KS1 delivery pack
Leading Participation Years 3-4 Free training for KS2 Leadership delivery – which will include all resources you need to deliver a high quality leadership programme direct to your students. Watch the KS2 Webinar Download the KS2 delivery pack
Active Leader Academies Years 5-6 Active Leaders are a group of young people who lead the planning and delivery of sporting experiences, thus playing a fundamental role in helping develop the School Games in your school TBC
Event Leadership Years 5-6 Students will get the chance to lead at SSP events in reporting, team manager, coach, judge, motivator and Analyst roles.​ Contact your local SGO
Girls Active Years 9-10 As part of the Norfolk Schools Leadership Pathway the 8 Norfolk SSPs are running a Girls Active leadership training day for girls in year 9 and 10. The Girls Active programme will comprise of approximately 128 leaders. These leaders will be selected locally from within each of the SSP areas. TBC
Careers Conference Year 11 A conference to provide opportunities for students to gain greater insight into career pathways. Coming Summer 2024