Active Breaks

Break and lunch times are ideal times for pupils top get some physical activity. We have compiled a variety of resources to help schools ensure that all pupils are enjoying the benefits of being physically active.

FREE training for Midday Supervisor (SSP member schools only)

We can come to your school and deliver a 1 hour workshop designed specifically for Midday Supervisors, During the workshop, MSAs will learn about:

  • The benefits of physical activity
  • The important role MSAs can play in increasing physical activity levels within their school
  • How physical activity can help improve behaviour during break/lunch times
  • How to indentify less active pupils
  • How can MSAs support less active pupils to be more active?
To book an Active60 workshop for your midday supervisors email your School Games Organiser.

Playground Activities

The School Games ‘Play Formats’ have been designed to encourage more active play and support children to engage informally in activity before accessing more formal sport specific variations.

CLICK HERE to watch videos explaining how to play each game and adapt them to make them easier/harder.

To view the individual videos and download individual resource cards login to the School Games website and go to the resources section on your dashboard.


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