New ‘She Rallies’ Tennis Workshop in Cromer

‘She rallies’ is a Judy Murray initiative, to increase the female workforce delivering tennis to girls. Kim Burgess who is Norfolk’s ‘she rallies’ ambassador delivers non-technical and fun based training workshops to teachers, assistants, brownie leaders any females who may want to be involved in delivering introductory tennis. These workshops are free of charge.

The next session is called ‘lil miss hits’ at Cromer Tennis Club on Friday 2nd November 10am-1pm. Lil Miss-Hits is a fantastic way of introducing tennis to young girls aged 5-8. The Miss-Hits characters are an all-girl group who love tennis and think being sporty is cool. Every 45 minute session is based around a different piece of equipment and introduces a member of the Miss-Hits team and her signature shot. The content in the course is non-technical so you do not need to have a tennis background. It can also be done in a small space so no tennis courts are needed – perfect for winter activity in a small hall.

For more information and to book a place on the workshop