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Norfolk Summer School Games Finals – Day 3 Report

Day 3 of the Summer School Games Finals included four separate events in a range of sports and catered for boys and girls for a range of age groups.

Yr 3-4 Mini Tennis

The Yr 3-4 Mini Tennis Finals took place at the Easton College Tennis Centre. Fifteen teams of four pupils (2 boys and 2 girls) competed on behalf of their local School Sport Partnership (SSP) to be crowned 2016 Norfolk School Games champions.

During the morning of the event, teams were split into groups and competed against each other in a round robin format. The results of these groups then decided the fixtures for the afternoon playoffs where teams battled it out for overall positions.
The headline results were;O63A3845

1st – Catton Grove Primary – (Norwich East SSP)

2nd – St Williams Primary – (Norwich East SSP)

3rd – North Elmham Primary – (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

You can download the full results by clicking here. You can also view and purchase photos from the event by clicking here.
The event was delivered in partnership with coaches and staff from Easton College Tennis Centre and supported by sports leaders from Cromer Academy.
Yr 5-6 High 5 Netball

The Yr 5-6 High 5 Netball Finals were held at the O63A4555Sportspark and saw 29 teams of 8 girls/boys from across the county taking part in two separate competitions. One competition was for big schools (>125 pupils) and the other was for small schools (<125 pupils).

The action continued throughout the day despite some mixed weather that saw periods of warm sunshine followed by showers.

Teams in the big schools competition were split into four groups with teams competing against each other ion a round robing format. The top two teams from each group then went forward into the Cup competition with the bottom two teams going into the Plate competition.

Within the Cup and Plate competitions teams were again split into two groups who played against each other in a round robin format. The teams that finished in the same position in each of the groups then played off for overall placings (eg 1st in Group 1 vs 1st in Group 2 for 1st/2nd overall etc).

At the end of the day the headline results were;

1st – Cringleford Primary School – (Norwich SSP)

2nd – Homefield Primary School – (East Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Attleborough Junior School – (Breckland SSP)

In the Small Schools competition, 13 teams were split into two groups would played against each other. The finishing positions for each group were then used to play teams off against each other for overall positions as in the Big Schools competition.

The results were;

1st – Garboldisham Primary School – (South Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Wreningham Primary School – (South Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Sandringham Primary School – (West Norfolk SSP)

To download the full list of results from both teh Big and Small School events please click here. To view/purchase photos from the High 5 Netball Finals visit here.

The event was supported by volunteer officials from a number of local netball clubs as well as sports leaders from Norwich School and Reepham High School.

The event also had a VIP guest in the form of England Netball player Lindsay Keable. Lindsay spent all day talking to the young players, signing autographs and having her photo taken. The pupils were very interested to hear all about how Lindsay got in to netball and how often she trains amongst many other good questions.

Yr 7-8 & 9-10 Triathlon Finals

In recent years the Games has included an Aquathlon (swim/run) O63A4692event for pupils in Yr 7-8 & 9-10. NEW for 2016 this was expanded into a Triathlon (swim/cycle/run) event to challenge the pupils even further.

The swim legs were held in the Sportspark pool and the run and cycle legs taking place over the road in Earlham Park. The event was delivered in partnership with Tri A Sport CIC.

The results were;

Yr 7-8 Boys

1st – Callum Steadman (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

2nd – Callum Steadman (Norwich East SSP)

3rd – Matthew Munnings (South Norfolk SSP)

Yr 7-8 Girls

1st – Kate Willis (North Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Fenke Rosbergen (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

3rd – Tilly Merrick (North Norfolk SSP)

Yr 9-10 Boys

1st – Chris Halsam (North Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Sam Ross (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

3rd – Mal Staff (Norwich East SSP)

Yr 9-10 Girls

1st – Naryce Anderson (Norwich East SSP)

2nd – Victoria Lloyd (North Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Maysie Steadman (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

To download the full results please click here. You can also view and purchase photos of the exciting new event by clicking here.

Special School GamesO63A4382

Pupils from the county’s special schools took part in an exciting day of sports competitions. The events were split in those for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD).

Teams of pupils from each school competed again each other in athletics, archery, rowing and tennis.

The headline results were;


MLD – 1st – Fred Nic B, 2nd – Sidestrand 1, 3rd –  Fred Nic 1

SLD – 1st – John Grant, 2nd – Harford Manor B, 3rd – Clare School


MLD – 1st –  Fred Nic, 2nd – Sidestrand

SLD – 1st – John Grant, 2nd – Harford Manor, 3rd – Clare School

To view photos from the Special School Games please click here.