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Norfolk Summer School Games Finals – Day 4 Report

Day 4 of the Summer Finals was at risk of being affected by some forecasted heavy rain, thunder and lightning but the bad weather held off and the Games went ahead as planned.

The penultimate day of the Summer Games Finals included; Yr 1-2 & 3-4 Tri Golf Finals, Yr 5-6 Girls Kwik Cricket Finals, Yr 7-13 Angling Finals.

Yr 1-2 & 3-4 Tri Golf Finals

It was the Tri Golf Finals that were at most risk of being affected by any O63A5003bad weather so it was moved inside into the Easton College Tennis Centre.

The competition was split into two age categories with Yr 1-2 and Yr 3-4 pupils competing against each other. Pupils competed in teams of 10, with 5 boys and 5 girls in each team. All of the teams that took part in the Finals had qualified to take part by competing in local qualifying competitions

Teams took part in a range of Tri Golf activities which challenged them in a range of fundamental golf skills. All of the activities were delivered by volunteers from local golf clubs and student leaders from City College Norwich.

Teams scored points dependent on their performances in each activity. At the end of the event each teams total points scored was calculated and the overall rankings were announced. The top three teams in each category were

Yr 1-2 Competition

1st – Bluebell Primary School (Norwich SSP)

2nd – Gayton Primary School (West Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Holt Community Primary School (North Norfolk SSP)

Yr 3-4 Competition

1st – Holt Community Primary School (North Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Trowse Primary School (South Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Sprowston Junior School (Norwich East SSP)

To download the full breakdown of results click here. You can view and purchase photos of the Tri Golf Finals by clicking here.

Yr 5-6 Girls Kwik Cricket Finals

Meanwhile at Old Buckenham Cricket O63A5104Club, the Yr 5-6 Girls Kwik Cricket Finals were underway. Seven teams qualified to represent their SSP in the Finals which were delivered in partnership with Norfolk Cricket Board.
During the morning, teams competed against each other in a round robin format. Some rain showers did disrupt play for a short while but it didn’t dampen the young cricketers spirits or enthusiasm. At the end of the morning session the top four teams progressed into a Cup Competition and the bottom three went into the Plate Competition.
The top four teams then took part in semi finals to decide which two teams would play in the final for 1st/2nd place. The losing teams then played against each other to decide 3rd/4th place.
1st – St Williams Primary School (Norwich East SSP)
2nd – Holt Primary School (North Norfolk SSP)
3rd – Wreningham Primary School (South Norfolk SSP)
Download the full results to see the full breakdown of where each team finished. To view photos of the competition please click here.
The event was supported by officials from Old Buckenham Cricket Club and  staff from Norfolk Cricket Board.

Yr 7-13 Angling Finals

The School Games Angling Finals were held at Barford Lakes just outside O63A4838Norwich.  Two teams of three pupils from each of the eight SSPs qualified for the Finals.

The mid morning rain didn’t hold up the competition with one angler from each team being split across the venues three lakes (Top Lake, Pleasure Lake, Match Lake). Team captains drew lots to decide where on the lake each member of the team would fish from.

Once anglers had set up their equipment the horn was sounded and they had three hours to catch the greatest weight of fish as they could. Anglers used a variety of tactics and techniques and showed great determination and patience throughout the match.

At the end of the 3 hours, each anglers haul was weighed and points were awarded to the pupils within each section who had caught the greatest weight of fish. The points of each team member were then added together to give each team a total score.

1st – West Norfolk SSP

2nd – North Norfolk SSP

3rd – Breckland SSP

To view the full breakdown of result please click here. Our professional photographer took a series of photographs of the competition, you can view them and purchase copies here.

Day 5 of the Games will be held tomorrow and will include the Yr 3-4 Girls Football Finals which will be held at the FDC in Norwich.