Virtual Dance

The next of our school games articles is all about dance and was open to all secondary schools. This challenge required pupils to work together as a team to either create a ‘tik tok’ style challenge, follow our steps to create their own dance or choreograph a completely new dance.

Routines were recorded and submitted online for independent judges to watch. All routines were scored out of 4 categories with a maximum of 10 points for each; performance skills, musicality, choreography and floor use and overall impact. Teams were then given an overall score as well as comments from the judges on their performance.

Well done to Alderman Peel High School and Framingham Earl High School who had teams enter this challenge. All groups choreographed their own dance and there were different dance styles across each one. Pupils had worked hard together to practice their routine and there were some really impressive dance skills amongst them.

Here are some of the judges comments: ‘Beautiful technique girls! Great use of the dance space and really nice to see lots of floor work in your choreography.’

‘I enjoyed the interpretation of the music and you were really together, well done.’ 

‘Some tight moves that were executed well.’

 Next week will be our last article celebrating the virtual games and will be all about gymnastics.