Our work with SEND pupils

The Norfolk School Games provides alternative and sometimes adapted sports and physical education provision for pupils with specific learning or physical needs.

The aim of our programme is to engage with every pupil in all educational settings, to be fully inclusive and to provide opportunities for all regardless of their disability.




Boy with down syndrome playing with ball at sports court in a sunny day

Important SEND contacts

We have established a working party to help develop this provision on behalf of the School Games.

This group meet on a regular basis and feed back to the Norfolk School Games Group, so please feel free to contact them directly with any questions/ideas/information.



Events and projects

At county level we will be providing the following events for SEND community:


SEND Festival – February 2024

This event took place at the UEA Sportspark in February and was a huge success, with over 125 children from 11 different schools taking part in a range of activities. These included circus skills, boxing, football, tennis and more!


child with multiple disabilities playing cheerful, laughing and relaxed in small pool,
The boy is wearing a red swimsuit. He wears a yellow bow-shaped churro as a float, collected with a red ring.
It is part of the therapy in the pool, in which it develops itself in the water.

Swimming Festival – Date TBC

Details of this swimming festival will be released later in the year!


In addition to these events, each of our 8 school sports partnerships will be running their own SEND events. Many of these are listed as Adapted Games. Each partnership will also be working with Panathlon Challenge. a charity that organises a variety of competitive sporting opportunities to children with disabilities and special educational needs. They include sports such as Boccia, Tenpin Bowling, Panathlon (Multi Sport), Swimming and Football. 

If you would like your child or pupils within your school to take part in any of these events, please contact Stu Silvester.