Active Lessons


Teaching Staff Workshop (SSP Member Schools only)

We can visit schools and deliver a 1 hour twilight workshop to your teaching staff. During the workshop, staff will learn about:

  • The benefits of physical activity
  • How physically active pupils perform better in lessons
  • How increasing physical activity levels can help schools achieve whole school objectives
  • The role teaching staff can play in increasing physical activity levels within a school
  • How you can make your lessons more active

To book an Active60 workshop for your teaching staff email your School Games Organiser

Classroom Energiser

A fun classroom activity which empowers a different pupil each day to choose when their class should take part in a 2 min energiser activity in order to supercharge pupils concentration and focus on lessons.

  • Select a different pupil each day to be the ‘Class Energiser’
  • The Energiser choses two activities from a list on the wall/white board (walking/jogging on spot, star jumps. hopping on one leg, squats, jumps, marching)
  • Their role is to at some point during the school day, ring a bell/blow a whistle/honk a horn
  • At that point, everybody stops what they are doing and undertakes 2 minutes of physical activity within the classroom (1 minute of each activity).
  • At the end of the two minutes, the class return to their work energised and ready to learn.
  • Can you add your own activities to keep things interesting? Can you link the activities to work that you are doing?


Teach Active

Teach Active contains over 3500 active Maths and English lesson plans, giving teachers the ideas and resources to plan and deliver outstanding lessons. 

  • 3500 lesson plans and resources
  • Mapped to the primary curriculum
  • Compatible with your current scheme
  • Full coverage for every objective
  • Reception to Year 6
  • Free staff training/CPD

They  offer a FREE trial so you can familiarise yourself with the resources.

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