2015 Norfolk Summer School Games Finals – Day 3 Report

Day 3 of the Finals benefitted from another day of beautiful weather! The day saw two contrasting events taking place, with over 150 Yr 3-4 pupils taking part in the Football Finals at the Football Development Centre (FDC) in Norwich whilst 10 minutes down the road, the county’s most promosing young anglers were battling it out to be crowned Norfolk School Games champions at Barford Lakes.

Yr 3-4 Football Finals

Twenty six teams from across the County came together at the FDC to put their skills to the test. All of the teams had qualified to be at the Finals by taking part in local qualifying competitions ran by the 8 school sport partnerships (SSP’s) in the County.

The Finals were split onto two competitions; one for small schools with less than 125 pupils, and a seperate competition for bigger schools with more than 125 pupils. Teams were mixed and consisted of 6 pupils (min of 1 boy/1 girl on the pitch at all times) from years 3-4 and all matches were 10 minutes long (no half time). All matches were refereed by young sports leaders.

Each event began with teams being split into 2 groups where they played against each other in a round format format. The top 2 teams in each group then progressed on to the cup competition and the bottom 2 teams going into the plate competition. Teams in each of the plate/cup competitions played against each other.

The headline results were;

Small Schools competition

1st – Corpusty Primary (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

2nd – Fairhaven Primary (Norwich East SSP)

3rd – Wreningham Primary (South Norfolk SSP)

Big Schools competition

1st – Millfield Primary (North Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Firside Junior (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

3rd – Loddon Primary (South Norfolk SSP)

To view the full breakdown of results for both competitions please click here. You can view and purchase photos of all of the action from the Football Finals by clicking here.

Yr 7-11 Angling Finals

Meanwhile, down the road at Barford Lakes, the older anglers were pitting their wits against the fish in the venues three different lakes. Anglers had qualified in teams of three, with two teams representing each of the 8 SSPs. After a briefing, the anglers drew lots to decide where each of them would fish from for the match. Once all of the anglers had set up their equipment, the hooter was sounded and the 3 hour match began.

One angler from each team fished in each of the venues three lakes.The aim of the match was for each angler to catch a greater weight of fish, during the 3 hour period, than the other anglers in their section of the lake. The pupil that caught the largest weight of fish and came first in their section were awarded one point, the person that came second was awarded two points and so on. The scores of each of the three anglers were added together to give an overall team score. The team with the lowest score would be crowned the winners. At the end of the match the final results were;

1st – East Norfolk SSP A (6 points)

2nd – Breckland SSP A (9 points)

=3rd – North Norfolk SSP B (11 points)

=3rd – North Norfolk SSP A (11 points)

To view a full breakdown of results inc points scored and the total weight caight by each angler click here.

Prizes were awarded to the anglers that won their sections;

Match Lake

  • Jake Simpson (East Norfolk SSP)
  • Jack Colman (Norwich SSP)

Pleasure Lake

  • Steven Gale (Breckland SSP)
  • Laim Lock (South Norfolk SSP)

Top Lake

  • Josh Smith (Norwich East SSP)
  • Tom Pearce (South Norfolk SSP)

Also, a trophy was presented to Steven Gale for catching the greatest total weight of fish during the match (48lbs 11ons).

All of the action from the match was captured by the Games’ official photographer and you can view and purchase them by clicking here.

Day 4 of the Games will include a Playground to Podium festival which is designed specifically to engage more young people woth a special educational need or disability (SEND) in competitive school sport.