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Day 2 – Summer Finals ‘swing’ into action at Norwich Family Golf Centre.

Yr 1-2 & 3-4 Tri Golf Finals

Day 2 saw the Summer School Games ‘swing’ into action again following the girls football earlier in the year. On a blistering hot day pupils gave their all for their schools and School Sports Partnerships in a great competition.

The competition was split into two age categories with Yr 1-2 and Yr 3-4 pupils competing against each other. Pupils competed in teams of 10, with 5 boys and 5 girls in each team. All of the teams that took part in the Finals had qualified to take part by competing in local qualifying Level 2 competitions.

Teams took part in a range of Tri Golf activities which challenged them in a range of fundamental golf skills. All of the activities were delivered by student leaders from Smithdon High School and Hellesden Community College.

Teams scored points dependent on their performances in each activity. At the end of the event each teams total points scored was calculated and the overall rankings were announced. The top three teams in each category were;


Yr 1-2 Competition

1st – Woodlands Primary Academy (East Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Cecil Gowing Infant School (Norwich East SSP)

3rd – Kinsale Infant School (West Norwich and Dereham SSP)

Yr 3-4 Competition

1st – Trowse Primary School (South Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Woodland Primary Academy (East Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Notre Dame Prep School (Norwich East SSP)`