Norfolk School Games – Special Schools Event

Day 4 of the Norfolk School Games 2019, and we were delighted to welcome 130 young people with special needs, from schools across Norfolk, who took part in a selection of adapted games which included Dance, Goalball, Boxfit, Wheelchair Basketball, Dodgeball and Boxing.

The students from John Grant, Sheringham Woodfields, Chapel Green, The Clare, Sidestrand Hall, Fred Nicholson & The Parkside Schools participated with great enthusiasm and determination, and a very healthy degree of competitiveness.

The boys and girls were selected, by their schools, to represent them at this County event and their schools can be very proud of, not only their sporting skills, but also the wonderful sportsmanship demonstrated as they supported and celebrated the efforts and skills of other students.

This event is now an integral part of our Norfolk School Games and we were very fortunate to have excellent, and highly skilled, coaches delivering the sessions throughout the day. Many thanks to Tom from Boxfit, The Garage (Dance), Jamie McCluskey (Goalball), Able2be Boxing (Jon Thaxton and team) and UEA coaches for delivering the sessions, teaching the youngsters many new skills and ensuring that the youngsters had an exciting day to remember.

Many thanks also to an excellent group of Sports Leaders from City College who worked closely with the coaches to make this a very positive experience for the young participants.   They were a pleasure to work with and most certainly added to the enjoyment of the event.

It was a great day and we hope to be doing more of the same in our Norfolk School Games- Summer 2019.

We are now looking forward to our penultimate event of the Norfolk School Games winter progamme tomorrow, Friday 15th February. 5 to 6 hundred secondary school students will be taking part in our newest Norfolk School Games event – The 5K Colour Run! This is a personal challenge with each individual setting their own goal for the event, and possibly even exceeding their own expectations! We will report on its outcome, but we fully expect this to be a very colourful experience…..good luck everyone!

Photographs from today’s events can be accessed by following this link