Norfolk Winter School Games – Day 5

Day 5 of the Games moved from the rugby pitches of Diss to the sportshalls of the Sportspark in Norwich. The morning session saw pupils from across the country take part in a sportshall athletics competition targeted specifically at pupils in mainstream schools with special educational needs or a disability (SEND). The competition aimed to give the pupils an opportunity to represent their school and conmpete against other young people from other schools.

The pupils took part in a carousel of sportshall athletics activities inc relays, speed bounce, vertical jump, javelin, shot put and standing long jump.

Rob McCombe, School Games Organisor for the West Norwich and Dereham SSP said;

“Sportshall Athletics is an excellent way for young people to take part in competitive school sport. It is so exciting and young people can take part with very little prior coaching.”

Pupils were given a score depending on the performance of each activity. At the end of the competition the scores were added up and the following results were announced;

Aspire Sportshall Athletics Competition

1st – Norwich SSP (48 points)

2nd – East Norfolk SSP (44 points)

3rd – West Norwich and Dereham SSP (40 points)

4th – North Norfolk SSP (34 points)

5th – West Norfolk SSP (14 points)


Pic – The pupils from City Academy Norwich who were representing the Norwich SSP were crowned Norfolk School Games Aspire Sportshall Athletics Champions.

After the Aspire competition had finished it was the turn of the Year 7-8 Sportshall Athletes who had qualified to represent their local School Sport Partnership (SSP) in the Norfolk Winter School Games Sportshall Athletics Finals.

Eight squads took part representing each of the SSPs in the county. Pupils tool part in the following events; Year 7 girls, Year 7 boys, Year 8 girls, Year 8 boys.

Similar to the earlier Aspire competition, pupils were challenged to take part in a variety of indoor athletics activities which they were awarded points for. The competition was fierce and the event saw some of the most exciting action of the Winter Games so far.

After the competition ended with a series of nail biting relays, the overall results were calculated;

Year 7 Girls Competition

1st – South Norfolk SSP

2nd – Norwich East SSP

3rd – East Norwich SSP

4th –  West Norwich and Dereham SSP

5th – Norwich SSP

6th – West Norfolk SSP

7th – North Norfolk

8th – Breckland SSP


Pic – The Year 7 girls squad from South Norfolk SSP were crowned Norfolk Winter School Games Champions

Year 7 Boys Competition

1st -South Norfolk SSP

2nd – Norwich East SSP

3rd -East Norfolk SSP

4th -Breckland SSP

5th -West Norwich and Dereham SSP

6th – Norwich SSP

7th – West Norfolk SSP

8th – North Norfolk SSP


Pic The Year 7 boys squad from South Norfolk SSP were also named 2014 champions

Year 8 Girls competition

1st – East Norfolk SSP

2nd – Norwich SSP

3rd – Norwich East SSP

4th – South Norfolk SSP

5th – West Norwich and Dereham SSP

6th – West Norfolk SSP

7th – North Norfolk SSP

8th – Breckland SSP



Pic – The girls from East Norfolk were awarded 1st place in the Year 8 category

Year 8 Boys competition

1st – South Norfolk SSP

2nd – Norwich East SSP

3rd – East Norfolk SSP

4th – West Norwich and Dereham SSP

=5th – West Norfolk SSP

=5th – North Norfolk SSP

7th – Norwich SSP

8th – Breckland SSP


The boys from South Norfolk finished in 1st place in the Year 8 boys competition

Congratulations to South Norfolk SSP who were crowned overall Norfolk Winter School Games champions based on their scores in all four of the age/gender categories.


Overall results

1st – South Norfolk SSP (7 points)

2nd – Norwich East SSP (9 points)

3rd – East Norfolk SSP (10 points)

4th – West Norwich and Dereham SSP (18 points)

5th – Norwich SSP (20 points)

6th – West Norfolk SSP (24 points)

7th – North Norfolk SSP (27 points)

8th – Breckland SSP (28 points)

The 2014 Norfolk Winter School Games is sponsored by the Sportspark ( All medals and trophies are supplied by Dereham based 4Sports (