2015 Norfolk Winter School Games – Day 2 Report

On Day 2 of the Winter School Games Finals over 600 Yr 3-6 pupils from across the County represented their local School Sport Partnership (SSP) in the Cross Country Finals at Gresham’s School in Holt.

The conditions were challenging with high winds battering the runners as they tackled the challenging course around the school grounds.

Pupils completed the following distances;

  • Year 3 (boys & girls) = 1000m
  • Year 4 (boys & girls) = 1200m
  • Year 5 (boys & girls) = 1400m
  • Year 6 (boys & girls) = 1600m

The top three finishers in each race were as follows;

Year 3 Girls

1st – Amelie Webber (South Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Maddison Riches (North Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Evie Williams (East Norfolk SSP)

Year 3 Boys

1st – Lu’Sean Sealey (Norwich SSP)

2nd – Harrison Beauchamp (South Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Dylan Whyte (North Norfolk SSP)

Year 4 Girls

1st – Abbie McCallum (North  Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Ava Ess (West Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Georgie Pegg (North Norfolk SSP)

Year 4 Boys

1st – Jack Reynolds (North Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Harvey Douglas (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

3rd – Brad Keay (North Norfolk SSP)

Year 5 Girls

1st – Memphis Symmons (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

2nd – Ava Field (Norwich East SSP)

3rd – Beth Scott-Amos (South Norfolk SSP)

Year 5 Boys

1st – Kitt Howlett (West Norfolk SSP)

2nd – Innes O’Malley (West Norwich & Dereham SSP)

3rd – Freddy Mitchell (Norwich SSP)

Year 6 Girls

1st – Grace Jermy (Norwich East SSP)

2nd – Eden Harrison (South Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Faith Chawawa (South Norfolk SSP)

Year 6 Boys

1st – Cameron (Norwich SSP)

2nd – Reuben Andrews (South Norfolk SSP)

3rd – Tom Corke (Breckland SSP)

To view the full breakdown of results including finishing places for each runner please click here.

Medals were presented to the top three boys and girls in each year group. Also, every pupils results were added up in order to give an overall prize to the SSP whose squad performed the best. The overall standing were;

1st – South Norfolk SSP

2nd – North Norfolk SSP

= 3rd – Norwich SSP

= 3rd – West Norfolk SSP

5th – Norwich East SSP

6th – West Norwich & Dereham SSP

7th – East Norfolk SSP

8th – Breckland SSP

To view and purchase photos of Day 2 of the Games please click here

The Games will continue tomorrow with a Playground to Podium festival which aims to engage pupils with Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND) in competitive school sport. Pupils from across the county will come together at the Sportspark to take part in a range of sports inc; wheelchair basketball, mini tennis, boccia and cricket.

Dont forget that you can follow all of the action on Twitter by following @NorfolkSchGames or on Facebook by searching for Norfolk School Games.