Norfolk’s Young People Leading the way with Physical Activity

Norfolk school children leading on physical activities

Sports Leaders learning skills for life in physical activity

December 2023 welcomed the launch of the Norfolk School Games Leadership Academy.

The Norfolk Schools Leadership Pathway provides opportunities for young people to grow their leadership skills.

This enables young people within Norfolk to gain experience in sports leadership, developing essential life skills such as communication, organisation and team work.

During the 2023-24 academic year we are providing schools with a leadership journey from KS1-KS4. We are motivated to improve personal development choices for young people and prepare them for life’s transitions.

Our Active Leaders training days were a huge hit with school children and teachers alike. These energising leadership sessions were attended by 24 different school and approximately 250 year 5-6 pupils. The young leaders who participated were enthusiastic about the skills they learnt, which empowered them to guide younger pupils with physical activities during school breaks, lunchtimes and extra-curricular sessions.

Hear from some of Norfolk’s teacher’s and students who embraced this learning opportunity:


The training days consisted of 4 varied workshops:

  • Practical Leadership Skills
  • Playground Games
  • Running Intra-School Events
  • Health & Wellbeing

Pupils enjoyed sharing lots of creative ideas and designing activities to deliver back in their school environment. These flourishing young leaders also now have access to the new playground activity cards designed by the Norfolk School Games team.


Read further for some valuable feedback from teaching staff who attended:

“Informative, interesting, engaging and a chance to be taken out of their comfort zone. They are now able to lead activities more confidently and independently for pupils of all ages and skill levels.”

“Children have learned a wide range of skills which help them in everyday life. It has improved their social skills, confidence and provided them with the skills they need to lead.”

“It was a valuable and inclusive experience that we can recreate in our school environment.”

Here is some uplifting pupil feedback reflecting on their positive leadership experience:

“Meeting people from other schools – learning how to lead.”

“I learnt about how to communicate, work as a team, organisation, safety, SMILE and inclusivity.”

“Making new friends, creative thinking, being safe and respectful.”

The Norfolk School Sports Partnerships look forward to continuing to work with these young leaders and cannot wait to see all the fun, inclusive activities they share with their school peers. This is just the start of the leadership pathway for these young people and we’re enthusiastic to continue to support their development.

To find out more about how your school can get involved with the next round of Leadership Academy days, please visit Contact Us – Norfolk School Games

We’re passionate at the Norfolk School Games about inspiring more and more young leaders to find their voice and shine!


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